Semantic Technologies Contracting

About Nico Matentzoglu @ semanticly:
I am an independent contractor with extensive experience in Semantic Web technologies (OWL, SPARQL, RDF) and Labelled Property Graphs (Cypher, Neo4j). After my PhD in semantic reasoning in 2015, I worked for two years as a post-doctoral researcher on industry-affiliated projects developing novel approaches around ontologies in clinical applications. As a Senior Semantic Web Developer at EBI, I was the technical lead on various efforts such as the Monarch Initiative Ontology Working Group or the Phenotype Ontology reconciliation effort, contributing to dozens of ontology projects and knowledge graphs. I became an independent contractor in 2020, working with clients in the area of open ontologies and knowledge graphs (see projects).

I am passionate about efforts that seek to generate insight by connecting data. I offer my services as an independent contractor in the wider area of knowledge engineering, semantic technologies and knowledge graphs (see below for some examples, but happy to take a challenge and try something new). I work remotely, and continuously strive to achieve the highest possible levels of quality in collaborative remote work.

  • OBO ontology engineering:
    • CI and release pipelines (ODK, ROBOT, Travis, Jenkins)
    • Quality control (SPARQL, custom, shapes)
    • Ontology mapping
    • Template-base ontology workflows
    • Collaborative editing workflows and training
  • Knowledge graph engineering:
    • KG ETL pipelines
    • RDF/SPARQL and LPG (Neo4j) transformation
    • Knowledge graph linking/merging