Semantic Technologies Consulting

About Nico Matentzoglu @ semanticly:
I am an independent consultant with extensive experience in leading projects that leverage Semantic Technologies (incl. ontologies and knowledge graphs). My focus is on data standardisation and integration, in particular, the application of ontologies and standardised entity mappings. I am the lead developer of various standards, resources and tools that are used in the biomedical domain such as the Simple Standard for Sharing Ontological Mappings (SSSOM), the Ontology Development Kit (ODK), a workflow system for managing the ontology lifecycle, and OBO Academy (OBOOK), a community-driven resource for self-taught semantic engineering programmes.

After my PhD in semantic reasoning in 2015 I worked for two years as a post-doctoral researcher on industry-affiliated projects developing novel approaches around ontologies clinical applications. As a Senior Semantic Web Developer at EBI (2018-2020) and later as an independent consultant (since 2020), I contributed to dozens of ontology projects, such as the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), the Mondo Disease Ontology and Uberon and knowledge graph efforts, such as the Monarch Initiative, Critical Path Institute and Virtual Fly Brain (see projects). I work with members of the OMOP-OHDSI community in particular on the standardisation of terminological mappings, and in the context of Monarch the exploration of Large Language Models for improving data, mapping and ontology curation.

I offer my services as an independent contractor and consultant in particular for the strategic planning of semantic data integration and knowledge graph projects. I am passionate about efforts that connect data to solve the big problems of our times, such as Rare Disease, Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence. I work remotely, and continuously strive to achieve the highest possible levels of quality in collaborative remote work within decentralised teams.

Services offered

  • Supporting organisations developing their knowledge graph strategy, from Mission statement and value proposition to ETL and deployment
  • Supervising ontology engineering projects, including the development of strategies for curation and lifecycle management (releases, modular development, re-use, integration with knowledge graphs)
  • Leading the development of FAIR and Open standards for ontologies and semantic entity mappings and implementing those standards across communities and organisations
  • Developing solutions for managing large scale ontology projects using design patterns, templates and ontology matching strategies
  • Developing pipelines for setting up domain and application ontologies, including quality control, continuous integration, curation workflows and release workflows
  • Supporting the development of semantic data models (building data models for knowledge graph projects), including validation, transformation pipelines and mapping.
  • Leading the development of organisational and community resources for documented best practices in knowledge engineering, semantic software development and training
  • Working with stakeholders to map user stories to appropriate solutions in the semantic data space